The Solidarity Fund, a public benefit organisation with a mandate to support the national health response, contribute to humanitarian relive and efforts to mobilise South Africans in the fight against COVID-19; has played an instrumental role in the NVP.

Prototyping costs were funded in part by the Solidarity Fund to the value of approximately R5,8m, in addition to own funds provided by some of the companies and consortia involved in this phase.

The production phase was fully funded by the Solidarity Fund to the value of R250m which was used to procure:

  • 18 000 CSIR L.I.F.E. ambient air entrainment blenders
  • 2 000 SAVE-P CPAP 100 medical air blenders
  • 63 000 patient circuits
  • 20 000 pulse oximeters
  • 3 600 humidifiers for HFNO therapy
  • SAHPRA Section 21 accreditation
  • Training materials for clinical use and maintenance
  • Distribution, asset tracking, warranty and other logistical services

The prototype and manufacturing agreements entered into between the Solidarity Fund and the manufacturers was a key aspect ensuring that the production of the devices by the manufacturers, the procurement of the finished product by the Solidarity Fund, and the subsequent donation of the units by the Solidarity Fund to the healthcare sector was efficiently administered.